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Longwood Gardens attracts more than one million visitors per year. A s evening approached, we strolled outside to see the majestic displays of lighted trees and dazzling dancing fountains. A half million lights brightened the night. We meandered through parallel groves of trees illuminated with tiny green lights. We spotted a grouping of trees in the distance all glistening with blinking red lights. Bella found a bare-branched winter tree decorated with multi-colored lights and chose it for a souvenir photograph. We could see a variety of spark l i ng l ig ht s i n e ver y d i r e c t ion across meadows, woodlands, for-

ests, fields, ponds and fountains a s st rol l i ng c o st u me d c a roler s delighted the guests. In spring and summer, the water lily pond, peony garden, azalea c ol le c t ion a nd w i ster ia ga rden are quite popular. In the fall, the chrysanthemum collection is a big attraction. The chimes tower and


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November 2017 ttimes web magazine  

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