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Longwood Gardens

A c omple x i r r igat ion s y s tem comprising 4,000 feet of tubing prov ided water v ia spouts af ter spe cia l i st s deter m i ne d t he ap propr iate water need s for each plant. Hor t icult ur ists designed the planting scheme to ref lect each plant’s need for water, sunlight and temperature. The glorious effect of the Living Tree was breathtaking. By mid-afternoon, we were ready for a holiday treat. Three cheerf ul dining areas surrounded by decorated Christmas trees offered comfortable seating. We took this time to learn a bit more about the history of Longwood Gardens. I wondered what Pierre S. duPont ~ entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, and member of the fa mous duPont fa mi ly ~ wou ld

oohs and ahhs. More than 4,600 types of plants are displayed in the Conservatory.

The Living Christmas Tree was the show-stopper in the Conservatory’s exhibition hall. Longwood’s largest tree display in its history stood over 30 feet high and spanned 20 feet wide. Over 50 Longwood staf f constr ucted the tree for m of wood and metal and then installed 1,300 potted plants onto the massive structure. The tree was decorated with poinsettias, white scarlet-plumes, Canary Island ivy and white moth orchids, and was skirted with living ferns and further adorned with hand-painted, silverwinged bush branches, a crystal garland, and ornaments.

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November 2017 ttimes web magazine  

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