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Longwood Gardens

thing for every age and interest. Our granddaughter was fascinated by the trees decorated with fresh fruits. In the music room, she was attracted to the elegant trees decorated with musical instruments. One of her favorite experiences of the day was the indoor Children’s Garden with displays that encouraged children to touch and play. The children could touch ever ything in that room, and water play was a big part of the attraction. An impressive year-round display of orchids and irises is always a must-see on my list. Walls are draped with hanging orchids of every type and hue. Brilliant lavenders and purples are featured, but even plain white orchids are outstanding. Conser vator y rooms of ferns, ivies and topiary evergreens elicit

est residential Aeolian pipe organ ever constructed. With its rich orchestral sound, it is an impressive example of A rmerican A rt Deco organ design and engineering. The 10,010-pipe organ was installed in 1930 by Longwood founder Pierre S. duPont, an organ af icionado and preser vat ionist. The organ underwent a seven-year restoration between 2004 and 2011 that involved rewiring, repainting, and refurbishing ever y element. The organ pipes have their own room next to the ballroom and can be seen through glass panels. Although it was a foggy, rainy afternoon in December when we v isited L ong wood Gardens, our spirits weren’t dampened. Spread over 1,07 7 acres were sea sona l decorations, water gardens and fountains, conservatories, a theatre and a visitor center. One of the most fabulous botanical gardens in the United States, Longwood is a yearround attraction with indoor and outdoor displays, concerts, lectures and other events. Longwood Gardens has some48

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