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ring. As a young politician, Lenin had been asked how young people should spend their spare time. His light-hearted answer: “Wrestling, work, study, sport, making merry, singing, dreaming ~ these are things young people should make the most of.” But at the Third AllRussia Congress of the Russian Young Communist League (October 1920), the more radical Lenin’s view of sport had changed from physical enjoyment and self-betterment to a means of developing the ideal, allround member of Communist society. “Today,” he told that Congress, “physical education has direct practical aims: Preparing young people for work; and preparing them for military defense of Soviet power.”

Lenin’s strong statement left no doubt as to the role of sport in the Soviet system. In the 1970s, when Victor Kovalenko was ready to make sport a career in Ukraine, sport was ready for him. The Medal Maker is now available as an eBook: https://www. 6027?ean=9783952217436 For print copy: Amazon, or

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