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Avalon Island

by Gary D. Crawford The Eastern Shore is a f looded landscape. Freshwater gathers from eight states, and with help from the Atlantic Ocean, widens what once was a river valley into a vast and shallow bay. The interface between land and water is a busy place; wonderfully alive with f lora and fauna. The shoreline also is in constant, sometimes violent, motion. Here and there the rising waters, river run-off, and storm surges have detached chunks of land to form the Chesapeake islands. This process is particularly pro-

nounced on the Delmarva side, for the land is nearly f lat, presenting only the slightest gradient for the waters to overcome. Numerous islands are found here, separated from the peninsula by channels and watercourses of various sizes. All these Bay islands have eroded significantly. Some have washed away entirely, leaving only memories above water, such as Sharp’s and Hollands. Others, like Smith and Tilghman’s, have diminished but survived, at least for the time being.


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Tidewater Times November 2015

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