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Tidewater Day Tripping

Historic London Town and Gardens by Bonna L. Nelson

Early one morning while sailing on the beautiful South River, under royal blue skies, our lookout spied our sh ip’s de st inat ion, L ondon Town, Maryland, a bustling tobacco port just south of Annapolis. With some difficulty we located an anchorage, as there were many ships like us wishing to load and unload cargo in the vessel-cluttered harbor. Tired as we were, we rowed our skiff into port, found a tavern to our liking, and downed some ale and oysters before locating the port master to discuss our business.

We lea r ned t hat t he Wi llia m Brown House, owned by the ferry master and tavern keeper of the same name, was the place to seek a night’s lodging, conduct business, enjoy fine dining, smoke, and partake of a game of cards or chess with other merchants and sailors as well as planters, carpenters, coopers, and townsfolk. Mr. Brown accommodated us finely in his impressive brick two-story structure built in the Georgian style, overlooking the South River and the trans-Atlantic shipping traffic that stopped at the port.

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