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heat much better than other types and are more attractive throughout the summer. They are more resistant than other types to botrytis, a disease that cripples petunias, especially in damp weather. This type branches more easily, meaning less maintenance. Multifloras are most useful for massed effects in beds. The best time to put transplants in the ground is on a cloudy day, in the late afternoon or early evening. This helps the plants avoid “transplant shock” and wilting better than if they were planted in the middle of the day in full sun. I like to recommend that you water transplants in with a halfstrength fertilizer mix. If the label on the fertilizer box or can says

scape. Marigolds, petunias, ageratums and fibrous begonias are all good border plants. Multiflora petunias withstand

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The Mid-Shore Community Foundation connects private resources with public needs in order to enhance the quality of life throughout the Mid-Shore Region. We provide tools that enable donors to easily and effectively support the causes they care about - immediately or via bequest.

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