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Love, Lunch Notes and Frames How Motherhood Inspired Stacey Dulin Tibbitt by Helen Chappell

Imagine being a kid and opening your lunch to find a cheerful cartoon frog grinning at you from your napkin saying: HOPPING YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY! Or a leaping bottlenose saying: I DOLPHINITELY LOVE YOU These and nine other bright cartoon designs are the work of artist, craftswoman and mom Stacy Dulin Tibbitt, whose creative mind designed these napkins to go into the school lunch of her daughter Lilli. Now, she’s offering them to other parents ~ bright, colorful ways to remind your child that you love and encourage them throughout the school day. Stacey also has a thriving business in custom frames for any event or occasion. If you want something special for a wedding, birthday or any other event, Stacey’s the artist you want to visit on Etsy. Even though I’ve known her and her siblings since they were babies, I love following Stacey’s creative adventures on Facebook. Whether it’s the installation of shiplap in a bath-

room or the stenciling of a floor, her natural instinct for the decorative arts always makes me admire her, and maybe even wish I could be half as creative as she is. “Believe it or not, creative is never a word I would have used to describe myself,” Stacey says modestly. “I have always liked trying new things and creating things, but never really considered myself creative. I started writing poems a long time ago. I guess that would be my first attempt at creating something. I started writing notes to my girls about 11 years ago. That turned into 9