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Two Chesapeake Ladies Tour China by Bonna L. Nelson

nored in Mandarin, China’s official language. Her travel partner also had no interest in visiting China and had fishing on his mind. For a year, we researched tour options, including colleges, Chambers of Commerce, U.S. tour companies and Internet tour companies. We decided to book w ith a Chinese tour company online, China Spree, because it offered more cities, sites and experiences than other options, plus quality hotels and food that received rave reviews. Also, their tour

What’s a lady to do when she longs for travel to the exotic, the ancient and massive country of contrasts, old and new, that is China? What’s a lady to do when her travel partner has no interest in China and has hunting on his mind instead? What’s a lady to do when she needs a partner to share a trophy trip? She f inds a lady friend. A f ter I shared my dilemma with Fran Tettelbaum, she said, “When?” Fran had a long-held desire to visit China since her college years when she mi-

Fran Tettelbaum and Bonna Nelson at the entrance to the Forbidden City. 59

May 2014 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times May 2014

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