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Cooking for One This article is dedicated to one of my avid readers, Mr. Harold Hurst, who recently lost his wife and is now trying to master some culinary skills. He asked me for some easy recipes that he could make for someone living alone. My advice to him is that cooking for one doesn’t mean throwing a frozen dinner into the microwave. Take out, fast foods, or prepackaged dinners may seem like an easy thing to do, but eating this way regularly can lead to serious health problems, as well as take a toll on your waistline. Fast foods and TV dinners tend to be low in nutrition and higher in fat, sugar, sodium and calories. By preparing your own meals, you take charge of your health. No matter your age, or your culinary skills, you can learn to cook tasty, healthy and inexpensive meals. The key to cooking for one is to master a few basics; stock up on some main ingredients; and make meals specifically for you. Prepare one-dish

Quesadillas make a healthy and easy meal for one. meals by combining different food groups in one pot. Slow cookers are great for making vegetarian chili, chicken casserole, or beef stew. Cook your main meat once a week. By roasting a chicken or turkey breast, ham or beef, you can use the leftover meat to quickly create different dishes. Add the meat to soups or salads; slice it in sandwiches; use in tacos; quesadillas; or combine with vegetables and add to pasta or rice. Packet cooking in aluminum foil is wonderful for one-dish meals. This involves placing a fish fillet,


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