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The Culture Gulch by Helen Chappell

For some reason, I find more and more of my friends are much younger than me these days. Maybe it’s because so many people my age have either fallen off their perch, or turned into angry old people who hate change. I’m not too fond of change myself, but I do find my younger friends, usually in their early twenties, don’t exactly keep me young, but they do link me into contemporary culture. As a former ’60s hippie peacenik loose cannon creative type, I’ve never been ready for the helmet hair and the country club, but on the other hand, I’m not quite certain I have the energy for tattoos and bands whose music I don’t understand, much less like. And you can take those stupid hipster shaggy untrimmed beards somewhere else. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and I’ve been there and done that a long time ago. I did the hippie thing in the ’60s. I don’t want to be an overage hipster, because there’s nothing more embarrassing than some aging person trying to act like they’re half their age, or even their grandchild’s age. You see this a lot more with men, who somehow feel it’s going to attract the young chickie poos that their

Sock it to me! mid-life crisis egos think they deserve. Women do it too ~ we’re just more subtle. I like my friends in their early twenties. They may not have a clue what lies down the road, and how it’s going to grind the idealism and foolishness out of them, but that’s kind of cute. You just try not to tell them their starry-eyed plans aren’t going to work. I really like to check out their music on Facebook. Sometimes 9

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