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Life Lessons by Helen Chappell

Well, Gentle Reader, it’s finally come to this. I’m staring at my Medicare card. I should have seen this coming fifteen years ago when I started getting the AARP magazine, but I didn’t think fifteen years would pass so quickly. My college friends and I Facebook each other wondering how we got this old – those of us who survived the ’60s, anyway. Back then we were told not to trust anyone over 30. Now we have 30 packed away up in the attic behind the vinyl records and the blow-up mattresses the grandkids use when they come to visit. Asking how we got here is pointless. I can remember in sharp detail things that happened twenty years ago, but if you ask me what I did yesterday, I’d have to check my desk calendar. With age, it’s alleged, comes wisdom, but I don’t feel any smarter. The years have washed me up on the dreckline of experience, so I’ve decided to celebrate this milestone in my life by sharing the stuff I have managed to learn, now that it’s almost too late to use it all to achieve world domination – one of my youthful dreams. I’ve learned that when in doubt,

doing nothing and saying little, that old Russian proverb, works beautifully. You don’t end up signing checks with your mouth that your behind can’t cash. Just because it’s the first thought that comes into your mind doesn’t mean it should be the first thing that comes out of your mouth. In short – keeping your ideas to yourself is often the best thing to do. You can avoid soooo much trouble if you bite your tongue. After all, it’s not all about you! The day I figured out the universe did not revolve around me was a personal tragedy. But I survived,


May 2012 Tidewater Times  

May 2012 Tidewater Times magazine

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