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Tidewater Times Celebrates Six Decades of Time and Place by Dick Cooper

For most of its 60 years, t he Tidewater Times, this little magazine you are holding in your hands right now, looked pretty much the same every month. The cover ref lected an almost timeless quality of life on the Eastern Shore. Geese f lew, f lowers grew, boats sailed, and landmarks showed off their local charm, all in finely detailed black and white. Then BA M! The May 2011 cover really caught one’s eye. It was a quiet waterfront scene with w i ld f lowers in t he foreg round a nd a st a nd of t re e s a long t he e d ge of a c ove, so t y pic a l of a Tidewater Times cover, but this one was radically dif ferent. For t he f i r s t t i me i n 59 ye a r s, t he cover and the editor ial and adver tising photos in the magazine were printed in color. While this was cer tainly sur pr ising to t he readers, it was a ver y carefully, throughly researched decision. In a world that demands high resolution color everywhere, from cell phones to iPads to glossy public at ions, t he T idewater T imes had remained steadfastly black and white, at first for economic

reasons and later as par t of its tradition. Publisher Dave Pulzone, who has owned and operated the magazine since 1995, says he felt strongly that black and white was part of the magazine’s character. “Over the years, one thing people repeatedly told us was, ‘It is such a nice product, it has a history, don’t change anything,’” Pulzone says. But the publishing industry has changed more in the last decade 27

May 2012 Tidewater Times  

May 2012 Tidewater Times magazine

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