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Caribbean Fish Tale

to suddenly turn when they saw the boat. Don’s lure took a hard hit and he fought the fish for a few minutes, but then it shook the treble hook and escaped. “I don’t know how they do that,” Laurenz said of the fish. “Every time I get snagged by a hook, it never pops free on its own.” After a few more attempts to find fish, our half-day on the water came to an end. The last band of showers blew out to sea, and the Aruban sun turned hot. We headed back into the harbor after a good morning on the water, cutting close under the bow of the massive cruise ship still tied up in the harbor.

snapped photos. When they finished memorializing my catch, I released him headlong into the sea. After a split second, the fish came to life and darted away. After a few more casts, we saw several rain clouds setting up on the horizon. Laurenz started the motor and expertly guided the boat away from the showers. For the next three hours, Don and I cast and reeled, cast and reeled, but my early luck turned out to be our only luck of the day. We both had several nibbles, but nothing solid. A couple of times, schools of fish chased our lures only

Catching this one was quite a thrill. 38

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