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Caribbean Fish Tale

Don gets ready to cast. line back into the reel, only to have more pulled out as the fish sped away, moving the boat behind it. After several minutes of back-andforth, my arms started to tighten up. Maybe I should have worked more on my upper-body strength at the Y, I thought. The butt of the rod was digging into my midriff as I tried to find some leverage. Just as I was getting to the point of wondering if this fishing thing was a good idea, I realized my adversary was also having second thoughts. I began reeling him closer to the boat. After one last violent burst to get away, he just quit. Laurenz, with gloves on again, bent over the gunnel and pulled the big horse-eye jack into the boat. My mouth had gone dry and my forearms ached, but I felt a rush of excitement. “Well, that was fun,” I managed to blurt out as I sat down to catch my breath. Laurenz handed me a glove and showed me how to grab the fish’s tail. “Hold him up so we can get a picture,” he said. As I raised my trophy, he and Don 36

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