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Caribbean Fish Tale ahead of the console. Laurenz fired up the motor, cast off the dock lines and within a few minutes we were gliding out of harbor on our new adventure just as the first glow of the new day began to light the sky. Now, I am not one of those avid fishermen who has poles hanging from the ceiling and books on flytying lying about my man cave. I don’t have a man cave. But I have been trying to catch fish with mixed results for a very long time. My earliest fishing memories are centered on two vivid childhood recollections. The first, and by far the more pleasant, is of the morning forays to fish for yellow perch from the South Pier at Grand Haven, Michigan, with my dad and Grampa deSchipper.

Pier at Grand Haven, Michigan. The long shadows of dawn would lead us out on the concrete breakwater that juts into the vastness of Lake Michigan to a spot about midway to the lighthouse at the end. I don’t know why Grampa liked that spot, but we almost always set up our tackle within 10 feet of the same location. Grampa had a box full of hooks, bobbers, and sinkers and a large empty pail for the fish

Don next to the boat in Oranjestad Harbor. 28

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