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Yankee Pedler and he loved skipjacks,” Flagler said. “Henry Hale told me what the Museum was looking for, and it sounded like the perfect fit. It speaks volumes that the community values it so much to continue to care for it and make sure it can be enjoyed by residents and tourists coming into town.” The answer for where to put the Pedler came via the Oxford Community Center. It is located just as you enter the town, which is the perfect place for it, so it can be seen by all who come into town. It has also become an interactive display for children to play on and learn about it.

Then came the real work. Who would keep up the maintenance on the boat? That is where Larry and Dorette Murray, Tom Campbell and Campbell’s Boatyards come into the story. The Murrays came to know the Pedler when she was tied up on the same pier as their boat on Town Creek. “There was so much bright work and so much varnishing, I always appreciated that,” Larry said. “I got to know Steve [Zalik] when he would be out varnishing her. Once it was donated to the museum, it needed someone to care for it.” The Murrays have spent countless hours sanding, varnishing, and painting, as well as putting lights on

Extensive repair work was required. Here are some work-in-progress photos of the keel. 168

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