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Tidewater Review by Jodie Littleton

C h o p t a n k O d y s s e y: C e l ebrating a Great Chesapeake Rive r by Tom Hor ton. Pho tography by Dav id W. Harp. Schiffer Books. 160 pp. $34.99. Try as I might, I ran out of time to read Choptank Odyssey before the holidays. That proved awfully fortuitous, though, as I found myself curled up in early Januar y w it h lit t le else to do, watching the snow fall and paging leisurely through this marvelous collection of essays and photos. You’ll want to take your time with this book. It’s too beautiful (and important) not to. The Delma r va’s la rge st r iver officially begins at the joining of la rge ag r icu lt ura l d itche s nea r the Maryland-Delaware line. But its origins are many and humble: farm ditches, forest seepage and water that runs off pavement and law ns, “my riad sources webbed into the landscape like the capillar y roots of a great tree, describing a watershed nearly 700 square miles.” From its narrowest trickling tributaries to its broad estuar y below Cambridge, to its

mouth near Tilghman Island, the Chopt a n k i s aw a sh i n c u lt u r e , commerce, biological diversity and history, both human and natural. L ong t ime collaborators Hor ton and Harp capture and celebrate the storied river and its people, all the while tackling the bigger issue of preserving it for the future. The book is dedicated to legendar y naturalist Nick Car ter, and thus it’s apt that Horton’s essays begin on Car ter’s 33 acres bordering the upper Choptank. Here, says Horton, is where he brings colleagues and students to learn


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