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Feliz Navidad en Cuba things we would have missed. We ate at the restaurant where both President Obama and the Rolling Stones (not at the same time) dined last year. We also heard a very famous salsa group play at a restaurant. The pianist, Ibrahim Ferrer, was in his 92nd year and was great!

Our laws and procedures are changing daily. With a week to go in his administration, President Obama announced the end to a decades-old policy that allowed escapees from Communist Cuba to enter the United States without a visa. Known as “wet feet, dry feet,” it allowed Cubans who showed up at America’s borders to enter lawfully and earn an expedited green card. No longer will they be allowed to stay here by merely getting on American soil. This is done

in an attempt to improve relations between our governments. Americans here are now allowed to send money ($3B just in 2015) to friends/relatives in Cuba. This is having a big inf luence on the Cuban economy and is allowing investment and seed money to improve conditions for the average citizen. Elizabeth and I recommend visiting Cuba, and we agree with President Obama that “the Cuban people must know they have a friend and partner in the United States.” Gugy Irving was born in Easton and resides in Oxford. In addition to Cuba, Elizabeth Irving and her father have visited Australia, Canada, France and Jamaica.


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