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The Typo reckoning up the loss in his mind. “There’s no way around it.” Miss Lola turned to face him squarely, and w ith a smile said, “Well, now, I have a thought. My husband wouldn’t mind giving folks one more laugh as they look at his stone. So why don’t we leave it the way it is?” Brightening, Dawson immediately agreed. “Why, that’s a splendid idea! If you take it as it is, I would be happy to take 50 percent off the price.” Miss Lola nodded. “Fine.” Then, with a Fairbank twinkle in her eye, she added, “But I suppose you’d still be some money ahead if you made

that 75 percent off. Isn’t that right?” And so they agreed. I like to think that over the years, many people gazing at the gravestone have had a good chuckle, remembering fondly that fine gentleman whose grave it adorns ~ Mr. Wade Hampton Scott. After all, one of the things Miss Lola most loved about him was his sense of humor. Anyway, that’s what I think of when I look upon the stone. Gary Crawford and his wife, Susan, own and operate Crawfords Nautical Books, a unique bookstore on Tilghman’s Island.


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Tidewater Times March 2017

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