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Navigating Norge by Gugy Irving

Harald V or King Harald V, who is the current King, having taken the throne in January 1991. (Merian C. Cooper wrote the first King Kong movie in 1933 and must have known some Norwegian, as the title would translate to King King.) The Kong Harald is owned by a large shipping line and is one of thirteen ships that ply the coast on a daily basis, carrying cargo, passengers and mail between the 33 ports. They also offer voyages to Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen, South America and Europe. The Kong Harald is 400’ long and 63’ wide and was built in 1993. My cabin was on the port (left)

Last fall I decided to journey to Norway after hearing about travel aboard the coastal mail boat. Norge is how the Norwegians spell the name. I thought it would be fun, and reserved the nicest category of cabin, thinking my friend would go with me. She declined, which I suppose would not surprise my ex-wife. I boarded the ship in Kirkenes, which is a port near the top of Norway only a few miles from Murmansk, Russia. This small town had the misfortune of involuntarily hosting 100,000 German troops out of the 250,000 total occupying forces in Norway during WWII. The ship was named for Kong


Tidewater Times March 2016  
Tidewater Times March 2016