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Meatless Mondays meatless meals for Lent, trying Meatless Mondays, or just avoiding meat altogether, you are sure to find a delicious meatless recipe for your next meal. Here are some I hope you enjoy.

There are many different diets out there, but research shows that eating high fat foods ~ meat being the biggest culprit ~ can compromise your health. Foods like vegetables, grains and beans contain high fiber, are easy to prepare, and have great health benefits. When most beans and grains are eaten together, they provide a complete dietary protein. Some people give up meat altogether and become vegetarians as a way of life. I haven’t, but I try to eat meatless meals about three times a week. It is very easy to incorporate satisfying, delicious and healthy meatless dishes into your menu plan for variety and nutritional benefits. When cooking your meatless meals, make sure you use the freshest and highest quality vegetables, beans, grains and seasonings. Cook what is in season. It will taste better and you won’t have to sacrifice f lavor. Whether you are looking for

CHEESE R AVIOLI SPINACH CASSEROLE Serves 10 This is a popular casserole to take to a gathering. Even those who don’t like spinach seem to like this dish. 1 19-oz. pkg. frozen cheese raviolis (I also use cheese tortellini) 1 8-oz. pkg. sliced Portobello mushrooms 65

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