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Tidewater Review by Anne Stinson

The High D iv ide by L i n E nger. A lgonqu i n Book s of Chapel Hill. 332 pp. $24.95. The year is 1886 in this prairie/ western novel. The men who survived the Civil War are back home or he ade d we s t , s ome of t hem less settled into private life. The U.S. government encouraged the western movement to populate the lonesome prairie’s vast expanses, and parleyed with Indian tribes to accept treaties that moved them to tribal reservations. To the shame of American politics, some of the tribes balked, only relenting when the army enforced the matter in the Indian Wars. One of these unsettled Civil War veterans, Ulysses Pope, found civilian life difficult. Two years after Appomattox, he reenlisted, along with his war buddy Jim Powers, and they were sent into the territories to help wipe out Indian raids on settlers. Their new army unit was headed by the soldier the Indians called “Yellow Hair.� The troops called him Col. Custer. Before the bloody massacre at Little Big Horn, the friends had

f ulf illed t heir enlistments. The Indians won their last stand, and Cheyennes and Crows were still an issue for prairie settlers. The Indians had more than soldiers to worry about. Buffalo were vanishing. The millions of buffalo on the plains had provided the main food for the tribes, their hides for clothing and tipis, and blankets for


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