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Emerald Surf by Bonna L. Nelson

When I was down beside the sea A wooden spade they gave to me To dig the sandy shore.

My holes were empty like a cup. In every hole the sea came up, Till it could come no more.

At the Seaside by Robert Lewis Stevenson Our family takes turns planning family trips and it was our son-in-law Randy Travers’s turn to plan. The basic requirements were warmth, a beach, a pool and three bedrooms. We were surprised when, after doing some research, he picked Destin, Florida. After all, Florida has a reputation for being unbearably hot in summer. Plus, because of work schedules, we would have to fly, not

drive, thus increasing the costs. We were further surprised when he said that he picked Destin because, in addition to meeting our basic requirements, it is a major sports fishing center. Fishing is a passion of his father-in-law ~ my husband, John. Randy is a thoughtful man, but not a fisherman. He picked well ~ we all loved it! And, so it was, that we went down

The seagulls are certainly enjoying the sand and surf of Destin, Fl. 159

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March 2015 Tidewater Times

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