Tidewater Times June 2019

Page 159


Only Cat

by Roger Vaughan Every time you lose a pet cat or dog, you ask yourself why you keep having them and getting so bloody attached to them, only to have them leave you after 8 to 12 years (dogs) or 12 to 20 years (cats). We’re told there are approximately 90 million dogs and 96 million cats living in American households, so roughly two-thirds of our population must consider it worth the sad and all-too-frequent trauma of pet loss to have these delightful, furry

creatures enriching our lives. I’m one of those people, one who just lost a great kitty. I’ve had four dogs. One was a townie, a mutt that looked sort of like a shorter-haired English sheep dog. He cruised the village where I lived in Rhode Island, making his rounds on many a day, but always coming home to eat, sleep and hang out. The two Goldens we had in Oxford, one after the other, were candidates for the best dogs who

Photo by Kippy Requardt

Sweetie and Shark enjoying dinner at Chez Drawers. 157