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The Man Project

SATAN You just haven’t been here long enough.

leads to kissing...

ON the TV a wrestler has grabbed the mic and is ranting ON Gabriella, taking the remote from Satan, fumbling with it until she turns the TV off. ON Gabriella and Satan in the silence. Gabriella paces, then turns to Satan

GABRIELLA: Kissing?? SATAN ...then petting, and pretty soon we have all our clothes off and we are on the bed indulging in man’s favorite of all pastimes: sexual intercourse.

GABRIELLA Look: I didn’t come here to have... Earth sex...with you, or watch those subhumans beat each other with chairs. I came here because I want you to cut out badmouthing this project. You’re being punished, you’re doing time. Take it like an angel and shut up.

Gabriella looks stunned SATAN I’ve done some research. There’s nothing Man would rather think about or do. So, here you are, looking very “sexy,” because that’s what they call this business ~ “sex” ~ and here I am, my usual irresistible self, and I say when on Earth, do what the Earthlings do. It’s all about research. It’s our duty...

SATAN (amused) And just how do you plan to get me to shut up?

As Satan tries to embrace Gabriella, she jumps from the bed, outraged

GABRIELLA (cooler) I’ve been thinking about a wager. That should appeal to you.

GABRIELLA (totally undone) We’re angels, for heaven’s sake!

SATAN It does.

Rejected, Satan feigns disinterest, picks up the TV remote and unmutes the sound.

~ End Part 2 ~ Roger Vaughan has lived in Oxford since 1980.


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