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Your presence was that painful. Your presence here. Your letters. Awful.

gonna work. It just needs time. Gabriella sits heavily on the bed with a sigh

SATAN Wha’d’you mean...I write great letters, for a beginner.

SATAN (ogling Gabriella) You’re so cute when you’re angry.

GABRIELLA (stands up) You know about reevaluation? The Creator’s note on Pia’s to-do list? SATAN No kidding? Then he really does have second thoughts. About time. This “Man” project is a scandal. GABRIELLA Oh, Satan, I love this project. That’s why I’m here. You’re gonna wreck it, bring it down before it has a chance. He listens to you, don’t ask me why. But if he starts paying attention to your letters ~ and he will ~ he’s gonna recycle Earth to use in this new universe he’s got planned for Sector Seven.

He puts his arm around her shoulders GABRIELLA (frowning at Satan, then looking confused) Wha...? Angry? I am angry! What a strange feeling. SATAN It’s from being here. You get infected with Man’s emotional thing, something we never felt before. It’s odd, no? GABRIELLA (realizing Satan’s arm is around her) And what is this?

SATAN Sounds like a good project. GABRIELLA (excited) You’re so wrong! All you can see is the dark side. All you care about is your own amusement. Earth is about free will ~ Man’s ability to create his own life. It’s the Creator’s greatest hit. It’s inspired. And it’s 165

SATAN Just a little move I picked up watching television. GABRIELLA A move?? SATAN A gesture of affection. It means I care for you. Yeah. First you put your arm around the girl. That

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