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The Man Project (voiceover continues) “Religion is an institutionalized system for paying homage to this ‘God’ I mentioned; for controlling people’s thoughts and behavior through guilt and fear of ‘eternal damnation’ ~ whatever that is; and mainly for offering an explanation for what is unknown. Because even the smartest Man finds mortality beyond his comprehension.” ON

Satan, typing

SATAN (voiceover continues) “As Twain put it, ‘In times past he has had and worn out and f lung away hundreds and hundreds of religions; today he has hundreds and hundreds more and launches no fewer than three new ones every year.’ More on religion later. First I must tell you what happened last night here on Earth.” B roll the scenes and events as described below SATAN (voiceover continues) “I went for a walk in the park nearby. Central Park. Nice, quiet place in the middle of this crazy city. Trees, grass, little ponds. It’s where the zoo is that I mentioned. As I came to an underpass, a tun-

nel under a footbridge, I heard voices. So I stopped and observed as a man wearing a mask was robbing another man at gunpoint. The man dug in his pocket and gave the robber money. The robber ‘thanked’ the man by whacking him unconscious. I followed the robber. Within moments, he was confronted by two other men, also robbers it, turned out. They got into a heated argument about how the first robber was illegally working in their section of the park. They said only they were allowed to rob people there. Like they had a license. What a riot. The two of them got angry enough to beat the other robber unconscious. Then they went through his pockets and robbed him!” 19.


MICHAEL (reading the letter) “Man’s inhumanity to man is rampant. It’s a hoot, I must say. My adventure in the park still has me laughing. Like Mark Twain said, this place is insane. Totally.” ON Michael cocking his head as if he hears something. He gets up quietly and moves to the door. ON


Michael’s point of view as he

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