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A buzzer sounds. ON Louise as she swivels in her chair and whacks the “outgoing” glass tube, which has a jam of flickering light points. It clears, the traffic moves.

LOUISE The formula works out the next best choice. That can be interesting. ON

ON Jeanette

LOUISE ...and some coincidental, timerelated stuff having to do with the positions of the stars, signs of the zodiac. That’s a biggie. The Creator likes the random aspect the zodiac provides... ON

JEANETTE The formula knows. The Creator worked it all out. She rolls her eyes. JEANETTE But we all know math isn’t one of his strong suits.


JEANETTE ...and then there’s what’s available, what’s in stock. You can’t issue what you don’t have. ON


ON Jeanette and Louise goofing on each other and chuckling. ON Gabriella, gathering her wits. GABRIELLA Actually, I came here to ask you to do a soul track for me. Can you do that?

GABRIELLA What happens then? ON


Gabriella, dumbfounded


Gabriella and Jeanette

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June 2018 ttimes web magazine  

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