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The Man Project

It’s all done...

JEANETTE (tapping the console) That’s right, honey, the animation factor, the vital principal, and it all happens in here. We call it the Soul Train. None of us quite understand it. There’s a merit system...

She taps the console LOUISE ...right here. ON

GABRIELLA Any hundreds?

LOUISE ...sort of an upward mobility thing, a progression of soulfulness... ON

LOUISE (Laughs) No way, honey. When they hit 80 they make angel. Anything over 52-53 is good. Sixty or more and you got yourself a real winner.


JEANETTE know, when a soul advances for whatever reason... ON

GABRIELLA Hmm. How do they get reassigned?


LOUISE ...the mobility can be downward too, of course...


Jeanette and Louise JEANETTE You asking us?

ON Jeanette and Louise laughing heartily

Jeanette and Louise crack up LOUISE There’s a formula.

JEANETTE incoming souls immediately get upgraded or downgraded... ON

Gabriella, who has been trying to keep up

JEANETTE A very complicated formula. It’s got some genetic input, parental personality factors, biological inf luences...

Louise LOUISE ...or stay the same. They get ranked one to a hundred. 154

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June 2018 ttimes web magazine  

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