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The Sensory Pleasures of “Middle America” by Bonna L. Nelson

civilization. There was a silence ~ a magical, mystical silence ~ with only the whispers of the tropical forest surrounding the city complex. We capped off the adventure in a Cancun restaurant where I tasted my first icy cold Corona capped with a lime wedge. We savored the freshcaught grilled lobster, dripping with melted butter and accompanied by spicy refried beans and rice. After ending the meal with a sweet, honeyed flan, we knew that we wanted to continue to explore this land of sensory pleasure. Since that first trip, we have em-

We fell in love with “Middle America” years ago while climbing a Mayan pyramid, El Castillo, on a trip to the ancient site of Chichen Itza, Mexico. El Castillo’s design is thought to relate to the Mayan calendar. Each of the four sides has a broad, steep staircase with 91 steps that ascends to the top platform. Counting the top platform as an additional step gives a total of 365 steps ~ one step for each day of the year. We stood at the top overlooking a broad plaza and a ritual ball game court, and thought about the amazing accomplishments of that old

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