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Don’t make the same mistake a lot of gardeners do, and assume that the wilting of the tree or shrub is always a sign that the plant needs water. Plants wilt from a lack of oxygen as well as lack of water. When the soil is compacted, the plant’s tender feeder roots and root hairs suffocate. The problem is compounded when the well-meaning gardener assumes that the wilting is a sign of water stress and immediately irrigates. Well-aerated soil, enriched with organic matter, allows both air and water to circulate freely about the root system for a vigorous plant.

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The early peas you planted in the vegetable garden should be ready for harvest, along with greens like lettuce and spinach. We can now transition to warm season crops like peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, sweet corn, and squash. I always have a problem with squash vine borer in zucchini, even though I spray with an organic repellent. To compensate for some of their damage, I make additional

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