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by Gugy Irving The excitement of a pilgrim on a Hajj circling the Kaaba equaled mine as I circled the block behind the ninety-four-year-old Pike Place Market in Seattle looking for that elusive parking spot. After backing into a spot on a steep street that would make a San Franciscan feel at home, I entered the original Starbucks that opened in 1971. The only difference between this store and the others familiar to most any coffee lover across the United States is that there is nowhere to sit. A brass plaque on the counter on the right as one enters is the only clue inside that you are in the original location. The coffee is the same, and the merchandise is no different from any of the other 13,279 Starbucks in America. There is, however, something very

satisfying about having been to the original shop, and I have since made it a point to visit the birthplaces of some well-known drinks and food. I am always fascinated by the sombrero-wearing striped donkeys (or are they mules?) on almost every street corner in downtown Tijuana, Mexico. While getting my picture taken one afternoon with such an animal, I noticed the Hotel Caesar and a sign proclaiming it as the home of the Caesar salad. In my previous day trips to Tijuana, I had never gotten the courage

The original Caesar salad was created on July 4, 1924, during a very busy dinner service.

The original Starbucks is located in Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. 71

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Tidewater Times June 2014

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