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Spring Song by Helen Chappell

One evening, when it looked as if spring would never get here, I was leaving a dinner party. Outside, someone paused and raised her hand for silence. The chorus of spring peepers filled the air for the first time. That high piping rhythm from those tiny, invisible frogs was the signal that the long winter was over at last, and maybe, just maybe, spring was finally here. We stood outside, listening to their chorus as it echoed over the water, the fields and the woods. A thin, high green sound, a chorus of

romance rhythm, here I am baby, come and find me. Life, so long dormant, starts again. No one wants to be reminded of the winter we just had. It was long, it was sunless, it was mind-numbingly tedious. We never got five feet of snow, as we did three years ago. Instead what we got might be considered by a lot of us to be an even worse torture. A couple of inches here, several inches there, some ice, a slow melt that left patches of snow lying around. And then, when you thought maybe it might be okay to plan something again,

After a long hard winter, the spring peepers finally begin their song. 9

June 2014 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times June 2014

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