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Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival Expands Venues & Welcomes Back Favorites by Amy Blades Steward a nd M a r c y R o s e n , a f ou nd i n g member of the world-renow ned Me n d e l s s o h n S t r i n g Q u a r t e t , continue as Artistic Directors and are inviting players from around the world, including many favorites who are returning to the Festival, along with several new faces. Among the returning chamber musicians is violist Maria Lambros, who teaches cha mber music at Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the Yellow

Chesapeake Chamber Music’s 28th Annual Festival will run from June 2 through June 16, in Easton, Centreville and St. Michaels. The two-week Festival will feature 13 events, including six concerts, five artist’s recitals and two rehearsals open to the public at no charge. Twenty concert artists will perform this year, including many familiar faces, along with some newcomers. J. Lawrie Bloom, Bass Clarinet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra,

The members of the chamber music ensemble “La Fenice” are (pictured left to right) Catherine Cho, Marcy Rosen, Diane Walsh, Peggy Pearson and Maria Lambros. 55

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