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Tidewater Traveler by George W. Sellers, CTC

Aussies and Kiwis - Part Two Here in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia, as I record today’s activities, it is 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 8, while back in Maryland it is 3 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 7. We are still not acclimated to the time difference and especially the half-hour time zone change here in the Australian Outback. About ten minutes into our bus ride this morning, Leigh, our Aussie guide, directed our attention across a dry river bed to a rather seedy-looking motel situated at the foot of a large outcrop of red rock. We have learned that Leigh’s sense of humor is quite dry, so when he told us we were stopping to pick up food and water for today’s adventure, we were just not quite sure what to expect. Our coach wound through the maze of buildings and came to rest at the base of the steep rocky hillside. Puzzled at being asked to disembark, we walked toward a shady area at the bottom of the reddishbrown hill. From just a few yards to our left came the sound of water trickling over rocks.

Feeding Time! Around a small pool, hard to see at first because their color matched the rocks, were about a dozen wallabies. Not fenced, not tethered, the only thing keeping the small marsupials at this location seemed to be the water. Leigh provided several bags of dry food pellets, 45

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