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The Funeral

Excerpt from an upcoming novel by Helen Chappell scratched and dented. The place always smells like fried food and tuberose perfume, which is kind of interesting, but not unpleasant. There’s an old color photo of Jester Dreedle in the hallway that makes the late owner look like Vincent Price, which we find amusing. Parsons Dreedle, the founder’s grandson, greeted us as we came in. He doesn’t look anything like Vincent Price, happily for him. He looks more like his mother, and she was a Dean. He flusters easily. And today, Parsons looked very

Dreedle’s isn’t that big, and we knew their parking space was limited, so we got here early enough to get a good spot next to the handicapped sign. Doll has COPD from all those years of smoking Kools, but she won’t give in and get some of those wheelchair hang tags because then her daughter can say I told you so. Hollis says I told you so a lot. So does Danton. Like most funeral homes, Dreedle’s is just a little shabby. The curtains are a bit dusty, the carpet a little worn, the chairs a little


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Tidewater Times July 2016

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