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Froggy’s Pie Plate Breeze

“You don’t reckon they’d dare ram us, do you?” This from Joe. Frog g y had a not her idea. He reached in his pocket and brought out the giant firecracker. “ W here’d you get t hat c a non cracker, boy?” said Joe. Froggy watched the island swimmers. They were only fifty yards away now. He pointed the f irecracker in their direction. “Light it, Ollie,” Captain Ed commanded. “This boy has more brains than the rest of us put together.” Ollie struck a match, and the fuse sizzled. Froggy measured the distance and tossed it with deadly accuracy. The big red cylinder described a mild parabola and exploded just as it hit the water, in the midst of the islander invaders. A great mushroom of smoke and foam towered sk y ward and t he men f rom t he Island Blossom disappeared in the haze. When the cloud lifted, they could be seen sw imming w ildly toward their canoe. After the terrific blast, the Magic steadily increased her lead. Two hundred yards from the finish line, they quietly dropped all of the pie plates overside and coasted home. “Tell them, boys,” said Captain Ed, and this time the hurrahs had an added higher note. The spectators on the beach gave an answering cheer. Froggy searched the crowd for a familiar face, and he was not disappointed. Standing on the beach,

“Don’t get too speedy, lad s,” warned Captain Ed. “Somebody might think we are cheating.” “All we need is a pack of firecrackers and folks would think we had an engine,” said Ollie. Froggy thought of the big cylinder in his pants’ pocket. A s t he y rou nde d T i lg h m a n’s Point, the Magic caught the Island Blossom and they moved abreast of one another, in hailing distance. “There go four of the islanders overboard,” Ollie said. “They’re swimming this way.” The y w atche d t he s w i m mer s pushing the springboard ahead of them. Their course was aimed at intercepting the Magic. “If they see the pie plates we’ll be disqualified.” Captain Ed said. “Let four of us take our springboard and have a little party with them,” Ollie said “I don’t want nobody to get hurt,” said the captain, “but maybe the four fattest better get ready.” The men began to peel off their clothing, watching the island swimmers. 60

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