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Froggy’s Pie Plate Breeze

Meekins. “She’s getting plenty. Four men are riding her board.” Froggy listened to the cascade. Faster and faster, the old waterbird f lew toward the broad reaches of Eastern Bay. “It’s puffy past this point,” Ollie reported. “The Island Belle just took some over the rail.” “The Island boys don’t know how to sail,” said Joe. Frogg y could see Captain Ed, his bare feet braced against the washboard, his arm resting on the long tiller. “The Island Blossom is the one we’ve got to beat,” the captain said. “How’s she doing?” “She’s a bit oversailed and yawing.” “They’re figuring the breeze will die with the sun,” said Captain Ed. “There goes the Mary Rider past Tilghman’s Point,” Ollie reported. “Five men were riding her board.” Froggy watched the tight foot of the foresail and the press of the mainsail against the long sprit. He listened to the straining of the jib’s tackle. He counted the pairs of bare feet and added two for the man on

“Are you ready, Island Bride?” the official called. “Ready!” “Sail away!” Froggy heard the run of the water along her keel, voices fading in the distance. One by one the canoes started on their long run to Bloody Point Light. The last to slide away was the Magic. Froggy listened to the gurgle against her forefoot. The voices on the shore became fainter until the only sound was the rush of the canoe through the river. He slid to the leeward when the Magic caught an offshore puff and heeled. “Joe and Jim on the spring board,” Captain Ed called. Froggy could see the plank as they slid one end under the washboard. The men mounted the weather end and the canoe resumed a more level flight. “Slack off the main sheet a bit,” the captain ordered. “The Island Bride has rounded Deepwater Point,” a voice called from above Froggy. That was Ollie

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