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boats is often a solitary endeavor it is not a singularly held passion. The Antique and Classic Boat Society has a far-f lung membership and sponsors rendezvous and boat shows across the country almost every weekend of the summer. The Chesapea ke Bay Chapter holds its annua l weekend show every June at the Chesapeake Bay Mar itime Museum and at tracts upwa rd s of 2,500 v isitors. The Museum docks are lined with old boats that look as if they just came off the showroom floor, their decks varnished to perfection and their throaty engines all tricked out. “It is a perennial favorite,” says CBMM Vice President Tracey Munson. duPont has three completed re-

out of sight and way out of mind during the Depression, when workers lucky to have a job often had to get by on a dollar a day. The fact that these boats have survived for almost 100 years attests to the skill and quality of their construction “The wood was book-matched,” duPont says, pointing out minute inter na l ma rk i ngs i n t he wood that can be seen on corresponding planks on opposite sides of the boat. The boards were sliced lengthwise, and the sides of the boat were built in mirror images. It was not just cosmetic, he says. “It helped with the balance.” While the restoration of antique


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