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April than any other month. So, let’s call it the Suicide Prevention Moon. It is the month when people need to do some spring cleaning on their mental health. So, there you have it, my suggestions for the ironies of the postmodern, postindustrial society. Whatever you call it, as long as you are aware and prepared for it, a full moon can be enormous fun and full of splendor.

zaps you back into truculence with yet more winter snow. I’d call it the Wormy Moon, because it makes you feel wormy for wanting more spring than you’re going to get. Then comes April. The Almanac (I’m beginning to wonder if all these Native moon names are all made up) calls it the Fish Moon because spawning season begins now. T.S. Eliot wisely called it “the cruelest month” because all that spring glory contrasted so miserably with the mood of those who managed to survive winter by barely hanging on, and now that spring is finally here, they’re too tired to hang on anymore. As a matter of fact, as ironic as it seems, more suicides happen in

Helen Chappell is the creator of the Sam and Hollis mystery series and the Oysterback stories, as well as The Chesapeake Book of the Dead. Under her pen name, Rebecca Baldwin, she has published a number of historical novels.

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