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Full Moon Follies

to spend, spend, spend. How about Maxed-Out Visa Moon? Rolling into the new year, we have the Wolf Moon, for when the prey is limited in the mountains and the wolves come down to the village to sniff at your door. A January full moon on white snowfall creates a strange, almost supernatural light.

hours straight and you still have fifty acres to cut and your hemorrhoids are killing you. October is pretty. Leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down. However, the shorter daylight hours trigger seasonal affective disorder in a lot of people. But wait ~ there’s Halloween ~ best holiday of the year... so, we will call it the Halloween Seasonal Affective Disorder Moon. November, but the old reckoning was, I swear, the Beaver Moon. When was the last time you saw a beaver in these parts? I thought so. Otters, yes. November brings Thanksgiving and the first dysfunctional family reunion of the season where everyone brings a covered dish and an unresolved issue. But it also brings football season. Let’s call this one the Football Widows Moon. And who can forget December? The Neo-Pagans called it the Long Night Moon. People get up for work and school while it’s dark, and come home in the dark. The only time you get to see your family in the light of day is the weekend. And, the holiday adds that extra special Be Happy or Else pressure to Dysfunctional Family Reunion Part II. Whether you are celebrating Eid, Chanukah, Samhain or Christmas, you must buy into the retail hype

One night I was looking out my window at a snowy January landscape under that blue light, and I saw my neighbor out. In the shadow of the trees, he could have been a werewolf, instead of a guy looking for his dog. So, I’m going to call it the Werewolf Moon ~ hey, it could happen! February is the Hunger Moon, for obvious reasons. This is when the Native Americans turned the tables and killed and ate the wolves because they were starving, too. February is a hard, cruel month. 22

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