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Full Moon Follies

and cranky. So May, for all its beauty, is definitely the Irritable Moon. June is supposed to be the Strawberry Moon. I have concluded that it should be the Bridezilla Moon because a lot of people get married in June, and many, many of those brides, who are otherwise pleasant and reasonable women, drink the Kool-Aid of the Bridal Industrial Complex and turn into monsters as they try to make their Special Day all about them. They are the center of the universe and display a general annoying egotism that causes sane people, like the groom, to want to run and hide. July is the Buck Moon, theoretically because deer are growing their antlers. Once Bambi has

other for no good reason. Just a pair of irritable belles bringing their issues to the table. Normally she vents, then I vent, we sympathize and then get down to the serious business of gossip. But this time we just couldn’t stop needling each other for no good reason ~ so much so that we carried our issues home and spent half the week needling each other by e-mail. Weird, because we’ve always been there for each other. A random survey of random people who deal with the public, from mental health professionals to retail clerks to law enforcement, revealed that everyone was irritable

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