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Telephone Pole Blues now, once again reaccelerating, the unstable motorcycle plowed across the intersection where it struck another curb. At this point Ridenbaugh’s frantic backseat balancing act came to an abrupt halt when the careening machine skidded and flopped over onto its side. But the improbable journey was not yet over. Engine still roaring in the wide-open throttle position, rear wheel spinning, Ridenbaugh now lay pinned beneath the motorcycle in the middle of the intersection with cars flying past while Billy lay crumpled and damaged thirty feet away on a sidewalk. Thrashing about desperately,

Ridenbaugh fought to keep his limbs out of the rotating spokes of the rear wheel and free of the furiously churning drive chain. He managed to extricate himself, but the roaring motorcycle continued slowly spinning on its side as it rocked and flopped like a wounded animal between the bent handlebars and the foot peg. He bent down and grabbed the handlebars as they swung past his feet and heaved the machine into a leaning, almost upright position, only to have the rear tire catch traction. This caused the big Indian to re-launch itself with a sudden burst of tire smoke and peeling rubber. The unexpected acceleration flung Ridenbaugh sideways over the seat as the machine lurched back across

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