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Telephone Pole Blues his friends, including Billy James, laughed long and hard at the retelling of this misadventure, on a more serious note, and as one motorcycle driver to another, Billy and Dick agreed that it was a stupid place to put a fire hydrant ~ even if it was painted bright red. The city planners should have known that any self-respecting motorcycle driver would have to take a twenty-mileper-hour curve at forty-five with the throttle cracked open and the wind in his face. There was another reason why Billy offered his friend a ride home that evening: Dick lived in Ruthie’s neighborhood. After dropping his friend off, he’d be able to slowly rumble past her front porch where she might still be sitting up with friends. Under other circumstances, he would have taken such an opportunity to show off by roaring up the street, leaving in his wake a vortex of sound and smoke. But knowing that her parents might also be on the front porch, Billy would take this op-

portunity to wave politely to Ruthie, as if he’d never seen her earlier that evening, and to impress all with eyes to see, that he, Billy James, despite whatever they may have heard or read, could carefully glide below the posted speed limit like any other responsible young man obeying all rules of the road. Such a demonstration, when repeated at regular intervals, could go a long way in improving his image with Frank and Mary Sanfilippo. Of course, once he was several blocks away, out of sight and earshot, it would be another matter entirely. There, safely beyond the reach of the Sanfilippos, he would raise high the siren song of speed and adventure loud in the night. As it often was on this primary east/west thoroughfare, the traffic was busy that evening along East Washington Street. The big green and gold Indian, with Billy at the controls and Dick on the back, rumbled east away from the park entrance toward town. Billy shifted smoothly between surges of acceleration, and side street after side street disappeared behind them; Clarence and Temple avenues


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