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Telephone Pole Blues by Cliff Rhys James

Cascade Park. The ver y name inspires images of Ferris wheels revolv ing beneath silk y-smooth summer evenings saturated with the salty scent of french fries; of dreamy nights in which tender breezes carried adolescent shrieks of joy over the clickity-clack sound of the wood roller coaster. Through time, the old-fashioned tunes of the organ grinder accompanied by the screech of his hurdy gurdy monkey gave way to the happy melodies of the electric motor-driven carousel, and the allure of sixteen other amusement rides on the midway. Against the gardenlike splendor of a beautiful natural setting, rivers flowed past steps of

marbled rock, through gorges, and cascaded down waterfalls into a twenty-acre lake where swimmers swam and boaters boated in the summer, and skaters skated in the winter. Add in a zoo, picnic grove, swimming pool with bathhouse, and the largest wood-constructed dance hall in the nation at the time, and it’s easy to see why people from all over western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio boarded special excursion trains for this beguiling destination. Cascade Park could accommodate 25,000 people at a time. By the early 1930s few cities the size and age of New Castle, Pa., could claim anything like it. Many decades later, people would

Vintage postcard of Cascade Park. 165

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