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Full Moon Follies

What we need are some 21st century full moon names. You know ~ memes that fit the times. Let’s take last May’s full moon. Now, according to the Almanac, that’s the Flower Moon. Sounds pretty ~ right? And of course, everything is blooming full force, from wild dogwood to azaleas, and it all looks fabulous. We were grateful for it after that long, ugly winter. However....everyone is irritable in May. Personally, I think it’s the pollen, which makes you crazy and miserable even if you’re not allergic, because everyone else around you is allergic and they’re making you miserable. Example: my BFF and I went out to lunch and spent the entire meal picking at each

weird, the weird get going, and I’m really affected by it. I’m sleepless, restless, my imagination goes into overdrive ~ you name it. Moonshine falls on me like a ton of soft, blue light. Sometimes, when I look up at the sky, I see that huge moon hanging over the trees and I think, “Oh, that’s it!” A full moon explains a lot of weirdness. According to the Old Farmers’ Almanac, Native Americans had all kinds of poetic, romantic, seasonal names for the full moons. They’re nice, highly evocative of a life much more in tune with nature than the one we live now in suburbia, but I think they’re outdated.


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