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Full Moon Follies by Helen Chappell

creates some strange behavior in earth’s creatures. If you don’t think we are affected by the full moon, just remember that we humans are about 70 percent water ~ the lunar effect ~ or so the sayings go. Ask anyone who deals with the public and they’ll tell you, things get busy, if not downright strange, during a full moon. Babies get born, crime goes up, corals breed, animals are active all night, and police and security guards tell me that things can get weird fast when that old Devil Moon is hanging large over the landscape. Of course, when the going gets

I love a full moon. It’s beautiful hanging in the night sky, illuminating the world in a wonderful soft light, and making everything more ... interesting. The ancients crafted myths around her, worshiping her and marking the passage of time by her waxing and waning. The human curiosity about this satellite orbiting our planet is so intense, we even sent humans up there to explore it. This congealed mass of burnedout star fragments, space dust and rock (thank you, Neil de Grasse Tyson) pulls our tides in and out and


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July 2015 ttimes web magazine  

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