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Tidewater Traveler by George W. Sellers, CTC

Liberty to Travel ~ Freedom to Share What a great country! Sure, we have our problems, and those problems weigh heavily upon many of us as they seem to grow exponentially, but consider the levels of freedom and liberty enjoyed here in the U.S.A. With very few restrictions we can travel anywhere in this country and experience incredible natural wonders and mind-blowing human accomplishments. How easily we forget, taking for granted that for which so many others around the world yearn! Independence Day, with its f lags, buntings, parades, fireworks and other celebrations, serves to remind us of the gifts of liberty and freedom that are ours. Imagine signing up for a transAtlantic cruise ~ exact destination unknown ~ duration of cruise unknown ~ onboard accommodations and amenities minimal ~ food quality and service pitiful. Would you sign on for such a cruise? Why would anyone board a ship under those conditions? Why, indeed? Fortunately for us, a small group

of people ignored the dreadful conditions they faced and boarded the small wooden sailing ship from a port near Plymouth, England, to begin a horrible voyage. They sought liberty and freedom, and in doing so walked away from the security of homes, families, jobs and friends. They did not know that their journey would be paving the way for us, nearly four hundred years later. They did not set out to make a better world for us. They simply yearned for liberty and freedom ~ liberty to move about at will, unencumbered by oppressive rules and restrictions ~ freedom to express their thoughts and views on life-issues without reprisal. 55

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Tidewater Times July 2014

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