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Technology is Trying to Kill Me! by Helen Chappell

Well, I have a choice. I can sit here and bang my head against the computer screen and cry, or I can write to you, my hapless readers, about how once again technology has stumped, indeed stomped on me. I thought I would finally join the 21st century and get a smart phone. My previous phone wasn’t a brick, but it was just one step up. It was one of those f lip phones that were ever so trendy about 15 years ago. I understood it about as well as I understand 14th Dynasty Egyptian hieroglyphics, but I could dial 911 on it, and that was pretty much all I did, except burn a few minutes every month talking to my brother in Florida. I have a land line, and that barely rings. Most of my friends have e-mail, Facebook, and stuff like that. A few of my more genteel and Luddite friends prefer the telephone, and even snail mail. That’s fine with me. I can still talk up a storm on the land line with the right person. The trouble with the land line is that in spite of Caller ID, Call Block, and my best efforts to file with the Do Not Call list, phone pests still somehow manage to

robo-dial me with offers I can refuse. They are calling about everything from voting for a repulsive politician (which is most of them), or adding extra-priced channels to my already waaaaay overpriced satellite system. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even check Caller ID. I just assume it’s a junk call. And thus, I miss an impromptu invite for soft crabs or Margaritas on the porch, or something really cool like the once-in-a-lifetime bloom of a century plant. But, as usual, I digress. Consider it part of my charm. I watched yearningly as friends whipped out their smart phones, checked their messages, their email and their Facebook. And take pictures ... definitely take photos. Sure, I could do all this on my 9

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